Water Filter Cartridges Also Needs to Be Cleaned Regularly


We all know that the core component of the water purifi […]

We all know that the core component of the water purifier is the Water Filter Cartridges. The water filter cartridges is well maintained, and the life of the water purifier can be extended considerably. Below, I will tell you in detail how to maintain the water filter cartridges.

In fact, the cleaning of the water filter cartridges does not have to be too frequent. The water purification experts believe that the cleaning time of the water filter cartridges is mainly determined according to the situation of the water in the home. If the water filter cartridges is changed once every three months, it will be cleaned once a month.

In addition to the water filter cartridges to be cleaned and replaced on time, the water purifier also needs good maintenance. When we use a water purifier for a cycle, we must clean the water purifier regularly. This cleaning cycle is about one-third of the cycle of replacing the water filter cartridges, which is not too frequent. First, we must disassemble the water purifier, then take the water filter cartridges down, place it in a basin filled with clean water, and then unscrew the water filter cartridges up and down. When the water filter cartridges is unscrewed, two will appear. Layer non-woven cotton, use a new toothbrush to slowly clean the two layers of non-woven cotton, the lower layer of the water filter cartridges has a lot of stones, two layers of non-woven cotton and stone, also use a toothbrush Gently brush it clean. Finally, put the water filter cartridges in the water and shake it back and forth several times.

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