How to Choose and Buy Water Filter Spare Parts


In the process of decoration, it is necessary to purcha […]

In the process of decoration, it is necessary to purchase some basic household standard equipment. Household water filters have also become a relatively popular small household appliance in the market in recent years. But there is a problem that bothers us. So, how to choose and buy Water Filter Spare Parts?

Usually, the water purified by the water filter can be drunk directly. No matter which type of water filter, its filter element is the key. There are mainly two kinds of kitchen water purifier: pure water purifier and super filter. The water filtered by the pure water machine and the ultrafiltration machine can be directly drunk without boiling and drinking and is simple, quick and convenient.

Prices of domestic water filters range from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The key is to look at the filter element. At present, the internal pipeline design of water filters on the market is basically the same, mainly composed of polypropylene cotton, granular carbon, compressed carbon, reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, post-activated carbon, etc. Generally, the filter element consists of four or five stages in turn. Generally speaking, there are more than four filter elements.

In addition, it is not easy to select and purchase qualified water filters. Due to the mixed fish beads in the water filter market, the water quality is uneven. According to the recent sampling inspection results by the quality inspection department, the qualified rate of ultrafiltration water filter is higher than that of other water filters. The qualified rate of the former is 59%, and the qualified rate of the latter is 23%. The comparative test of water purification effect shows that the ultrafiltration water purification effect is better than that of ordinary water filters.

As the development of China's water filter industry is in the primary stage, many people make use of the loopholes that consumers do not know about water filters to produce some inferior products to deceive consumers, thus obtaining huge profits. In order to prevent consumers from being cheated, we should pay attention to the purchase of professional brands and authoritative brands. Professional water purification brands have professional construction and installation teams, and after-sales service is also guaranteed.

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