The Cost of Using Water Purifier Spare Parts Is Not High


Water purifiers are now closely related to our domestic […]

Water purifiers are now closely related to our domestic water use. The operation and performance quality of its equipment has effectively improved the technical competition between the water treatment industry with the development of people's lives. And promote the popularity and operation of Water Purifier Spare Parts technology.

In the normal use process, the water purifier spare parts will be contaminated by inorganic scales, colloids, microorganisms, metal oxides, etc. These substances adhere to and gradually deposit on the surface of the membrane, and when accumulated to a certain extent, the water purifier will be caused. The output of the accessory is reduced or the salt rejection rate is lowered, the pressure difference is increased, and even irreparable damage is caused to the conventional film of the home. Therefore, in order to restore good water permeability and desalination performance, the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be chemically cleaned.

When running the water purifier spare parts on a daily basis, it is necessary to check regularly and replace the precision filter element in time to prevent particle contamination of the reverse osmosis membrane caused by leakage of the filter element due to installation or quality problems. At the same time, it should be checked frequently whether there is gas in the precision filter and the air cannot be brought into the reverse osmosis membrane. For precision filters that are used for standby or long-term shutdown, formaldehyde protection is required to prevent the bacteria from multiplying.

There are also water purifier spare parts that are backwashed regularly. Friction can be generated to the compressed air gas during backwashing. After the water is qualified, it can be put into use. Do not bring the air into the household reverse osmosis membrane. It is necessary to extend the running time of the mechanical filter as much as possible, which not only reduces the impact of the switching filter on the effluent water quality but also saves a lot of backwashing water.

Nowadays, the reverse osmosis membrane element water treatment technology basically meets our daily drinking water index. The conventional household membrane can greatly reduce the cost of membrane water production and solve the drinking water demand in some areas. At the same time, conventional household membranes can improve the quality of tap water and meet the quality standards of ordinary drinking water.

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