Water Filters Manufacturer Analyzes Causes of Turbidity in Water


Many users have just used the water filter and found th […]

Many users have just used the water filter and found that the outlet water is more turbid than the original tap water. They think that the water filter is useless and complain that the Water Filters Manufacturer deceives consumers. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, let the water filter discharge for a period of time, but if not, it may be the following three situations.

1. The ultrafiltration membrane is broken due to too much fluctuation caused by too much pressure at the filter mouth or unstable water pressure. If this happens, it can be solved by changing the filter element.

2. Long-term heating. After long-term heating, the water filter will produce a chemical reaction to generate calcium carbonate and other substances. Foreign matters in the water will also precipitate after heating, which will make the water turbid. However, if the power is not supplied, it is not caused by this situation.

3. The water filter has exceeded the cleaning time. If you use the water filter for a long time or haven't used it for a long time, it will also cause water turbidity. This situation is better solved by taking out the filter element for cleaning, then draining the water stored in the water filter and backwashing several times.

In fact, as long as you buy it from a regular water filter manufacturer and clean the filter element regularly, this situation can be avoided. Moreover, if the local water quality is better, the service life of the water filter will be relatively prolonged.

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