The Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier Teaches You to Deal with The pollution of Ro Membrane


Domestic reverse osmosis membrane pollution and scaling […]

Domestic reverse osmosis membrane pollution and scaling are the research directions of water treatment experts. Besides the unsatisfactory quality of raw water, improper operation and installation of water treatment equipment will cause domestic reverse osmosis membrane pollution and scaling. So, what kind of operation will cause the pollution of membrane elements? Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier will elaborate on these issues.

If there is a fault in the pretreatment device, the reverse osmosis membrane will be polluted. If sand leakage occurs in the filtering device in the pretreatment device unit, the drainage ditch will be filled with sand, and these fine sand particles will slowly enter the reverse osmosis membrane element with the water flow. After a long period of accumulation, the reverse osmosis membrane will have sand fouling.

That is to say, pretreatment did not achieve the expected effect, but resulted in accelerated pollution of membrane elements in the system. After discovering this phenomenon, many users thought it was not a big problem and simply repaired it. This is absolutely not allowed.

If the scale inhibitor module in the system is installed incorrectly, it will also lead to the pollution of reverse osmosis membrane elements. If the installation is not correct, air will slowly enter the pipeline. It is worth mentioning that the power source of the scale inhibition module mainly comes from the agitation of air. Once the air leaks, the agitation will be fast and slow, so the phenomenon of insufficient use of scale inhibition materials will occur. Without the help of scale inhibition materials, the scaling phenomenon will be greatly accelerated.

Domestic reverse osmosis membrane pollution is a phenomenon accumulated for a long time and is not formed at once. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection are very important. Good maintenance can save unnecessary expenses for users.

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