What You Need to Know About Ro Spare Parts


As an ordinary household water purification device, Ro […]

As an ordinary household water purification device, Ro Spare Parts are mainly installed on a tap water supply system. The water that comes home through ro spare parts parts is not only purer, but also contains cations that are good for the body.

Ro spare parts for use in the home rely on the action of external pressure to allow the solvent in the solution to pass through the semipermeable membrane to retain certain solutes. It is an effective means of separation, shrinkage and purification. The technology is currently considered to be international high technology.

Household ro spare parts include pre-filters, RO membranes and post filters. The pre-filter is mainly used to remove sediment from the water. The RO membrane removes heavy metals such as lead from bacteria and water. The post filter primarily releases some cations that are beneficial to the body and improves the taste of the water.

Ro spare parts are widely installed in the faucet-specific water supply system as a household water purifier. The filter of the home RO system has a service life. The RO membrane is a relatively expensive filter cartridge with a service life of approximately 24 months. PP filter cartridge, one of the pre-filter cartridges, can be used for about 6 months.

Before installation, you will need to purchase a ro spare parts for your home. Purchase according to the number of people in the home and the actual situation of the sink. You can install it yourself after purchase, or you can call the after-sales staff to install it.

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