Why Add A Tap Filter & Shower Filter at Home


When we consider water filtration, we tend to consider […]

When we consider water filtration, we tend to consider only the water we drink. But have you ever thought that shower water without filtration will affect your health? In some cases, unfiltered shower water may be as bad as unfiltered drinking water.

It is wise to add a Tap Filter & Shower Filter at home. Shower water can also affect our health as one of the commonly used waters. If you have a skin condition, unfiltered shower water will irritate it and make it worse. Even if your skin is healthy, unfiltered water can make your skin worse. Use a shower filter that can keep away from some skin problems and even some diseases.

There are many practices that prove that unfiltered water can damage our skin. This is because the water is soft water and hard water. Hard water contains a lot of minerals that will not only dry my hair, but also damage our skin. An important function of the shower filter is to soften the water, so the water passing through the shower filter is soft water. Soft water will make our skin and hair better.

Unfiltered shower water can affect our health, and the culprit is the chlorine used to disinfect water. Unfiltered water contains chlorine and can damage our health. The most common type of THM is chloroform, a known carcinogen. A study has shown that family activities such as bathing and showering are important ways for humans to be exposed to THM.

An easy way is to add a shower filter. Cheap and easy to install is its advantage. The shower filter can be used for about 6 months. If you want the shower filter to work, you need to buy a reliable filter.

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