Tap Filter & Shower Filter Become Popular Household Products


Healthy living at home has enabled us to have more "mag […]

Healthy living at home has enabled us to have more "magical" household products. Tap filter & shower filter are believed to be familiar to everyone. in modern homes, this is a relatively popular product that can help people filter out harmful substances in water. Does Tap Filter & Shower Filter useful as popular household products now?

Tap filter & shower filter can filter harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides in water, and can also improve the color and odor of water. Secondly, they can also increase the taste and chlorine content of drinking water. Faucet filters are divided into pure water filters and ultrafiltration filters, but pure water filters filter out both beneficial and harmful substances and are more suitable for use in the north. The ultrafiltration filter can only filter out macromolecular substances in the water, which is more suitable for the south with better water quality. The filtered water can be directly drunk or used for cooking and the like.

Tap filter & shower filter are micro water purification equipment installed directly on the faucet in the home. They are simply filtered through PP cotton, compressed carbon, etc. Generally, the water filtered by this equipment can only be used for washing vegetables, brushing teeth, etc. If you want to drink it, you must boil it before drinking it.

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