Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer Teach You to Choose High-Quality Ro Membranes


The importance of reverse osmosis membrane in pure wate […]

The importance of reverse osmosis membrane in pure water equipment is self-evident, but at present there are many brands of reverse osmosis membrane on the market, which are mixed with good and evil people, causing consumers to be dazzled when purchasing. The following Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer will talk about the characteristics of a high-quality reverse osmosis membrane.

1. Excellent purification capacity

High-quality reverse osmosis membranes can effectively remove inorganic substances such as metal elements in tap water and other liquids, as well as microorganisms and organic substances such as bacteria. Many customers often ask the question of how much TDS value of pure water mechanism is normal. In fact, a good machine can guarantee a TDS value within 10.

2. Reverse osmosis membrane has extremely low water production cost and labour cost and little pollution to the environment

High-quality reverse osmosis membrane can effectively reduce the change of pure water quality caused by fluctuation of source water quality, thus ensuring the stability of pure water quality, reducing the burden on other parts of pure water equipment and prolonging the service life of the machine.

3. High desalination rate and high flux

A good reverse osmosis membrane can quickly reach a stable desalination rate of more than 97% in a very short time, and the water yield can also be above the rated quantity. For example, common domestic 75G reverse osmosis membrane, generally better membrane should exceed this value.

According to the above three characteristics, one by one comparison will be able to buy high-quality reverse osmosis membrane, if still don't understand, choose reliable manufacturers and brands.

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