Details of Water Purifier Spare Parts Determine The Quality of The Water Purifier


Water purifier products have now entered people's homes […]

Water purifier products have now entered people's homes from hot topics, and have actually become small guards for household water purification. However, all products are good and bad, and the water purifier is no exception. Many consumers seldom recognize the quality of Water Purifier Spare Parts during the purchase process, thus they cannot judge the quality of the water purifier and confirm whether the water purifier is worth the current price. Please remember the following details of water purifier spare parts.

First, look at the materials.

Material is very important, for example, what kind of material is activated carbon made of, charcoal, fruit shells, coconut shells, etc. It is not realistic for consumers to understand each possibility. The best material currently used in the industry is coconut shell carbon. The market all said that they were the top ten brands, but there was no substantial introduction to number one.

Second, see technology.

Water purifiers fall into two categories. One is a pure water machine, namely reverse osmosis. The core filtration device uses RO membrane with an accuracy of 0.0001 microns. The other is an ultrafiltration machine, which uses an ultrafiltration membrane with an accuracy of 0.01 micron. Many people think that the water filtered by ultrafiltration is not clean and cannot be drunk directly, but this is not the case. First, the water filtered by the ultrafiltration machine is drinkable. Secondly, the maximum diameter of the smallest living bacterial virus in water is 0.02 microns. Third, water is filtered by an ultrafiltration machine. Containing minerals; Fourth, the ultrafiltration machine does not produce wastewater and consumes no electricity.

Third, look at the brand.

According to the survey, there are thousands of water purifier manufacturers, including many small workshops and even factories that do not have water purifier brands. There is no need to talk about any after-sales service at all. Therefore, the brand is very important.

Fourth, look at the price.

It's too cheap to believe. If you want to buy cheap goods, you can have them online for tens of dollars. Of course, it's useless. Therefore, since you want to buy a water purifier, you must have noticed the water pollution around us. Of course, we don't admire the kind of high price, it is good to be within our own tolerance.

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