Causes of Early Failure of Ro System Component


The normal service life of the ro system component is 2 […]

The normal service life of the ro system component is 2-3 years, that is to say, under normal circumstances, it is completely no problem to use the ro system component for 2-3 years. However, in practical application, TDS value often stays high in less than one year, which leads to premature failure of Ro System Component for four reasons.

1. Pure water is not used for a long time.

Ro system component must be stored in humid conditions once immersed in water. Pure water will dry if it is not used for a long time (more than one month), and impurities filtered on it will solidify. When we reuse it, tap water cannot pass through. So even if we don't use water, we should always let the water purifier run. If you can't turn on the water purifier from time to time when going out of town, it is best to take out the components of the ro system and put them in disinfectant.

2. The local water quality is too poor, resulting in blockage of ro system component.

Water quality varies from place to place. TDS is only 100 degrees in some areas in the south and thousands in some areas in the northwest. Although all water purification machines have active cleaning function, it is difficult to clean thoroughly, and the components of ro system will be blocked if the weight is accumulated. In this case, we advocate installing a prefilter in front of the water purifier. We have also encountered that the tap water in the customer's area contains quicklime, and the pre-filtration has no effect. The best membrane will be blocked in half a year, which only requires frequent replacement of ro system component.

3. Improper maintenance of filter elements in front of ro system components leads to premature failure of RO.

The order of filter elements in the water purifier is: PP+ granular activated carbon+compressed activated carbon +RO membrane+post activated carbon. If the front filter element is not properly maintained and the filtering effect is not achieved, many impurities and bacteria in the water will need to be filtered through ro system component, which will naturally block up after a long time. Therefore, we should often clean or replace several filter elements in front of ro system component when we use pure water machines in daily life.

4. The water purifier is equipped with a residual ro system component.

At present, the ro system component market is mixed with good and bad people. The desalination rate and flux of ro system components produced in many small workshops are not up to standard at all. Of course, such membranes do not last long. Therefore, when choosing components of the ro system, we must choose qualified manufacturers, such as equations.

These are the main reasons why the components of the ro system lose their efficacy. I hope you will pay more attention to the maintenance of the components of the ro system when using the pure water machine in daily life, and often check the TDS value and replace it in time.

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