Proper Maintenance of Water Purifier Spare Parts Can Get Twice The Result with Half The Effort


More and more people use water purifiers, but many peop […]

More and more people use water purifiers, but many people are still indifferent to the maintenance of Water Purifier Spare Parts. The use and maintenance of the water purifier are inseparable. Proper maintenance of the water purifier spare parts can not only improve the water quality but also prolong the service life of the water purifier. How should the maintenance of the water purifier spare parts be done?

Of course, the following items are indispensable for the maintenance of water purifier spare parts:

1. Regularly replace the filter element

The water purifier has different filter elements, and the service period and replacement period of each filter element are different. Users should pay attention to timely replacement of filter elements during use. If you do not know the replacement cycle of the filter element, you can consult the after-sales service.

2. The installation position of the water purifier should be far away from sunlight.

Where sunlight shines, blue algae will be generated inside the filter bottle of the water purifier, and this substance is harmful to the human body. Therefore, this factor should be considered during installation. If it has already been installed, it is better to make a facility around the water purifier to shield from sunlight.

3. Regular flushing

The water purifier is provided with a flushing device, and when the water purifier in the user's home is used for a period of time, spare parts of the water purifier can be flushed. In addition, if the water purifier is not used for a period of time, the water purifier also needs to be flushed.

4. Pay attention to the water purifier

After using the water purifier for a period of time, the water yield may decrease. In this case, the user should pay attention to observe what causes it. Generally, there are two possible causes: one is a pressure problem, and the other is the filter plug. If the pressure is too small, the pressure problem needs to be considered and solved; if the filter element is blocked, the filter element needs to be replaced in time.

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