Technical Principle of Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer


Reverse osmosis water purifier for daily domestic drink […]

Reverse osmosis water purifier for daily domestic drinking water is also called RO machine or pure water machine. The core of reverse osmosis water purifier is RO membrane, and pure water is filtered out. So what is the principle of reverse osmosis technology? Let's talk about Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer.

RO reverse osmosis technology is the most effective treatment technology for removing heavy metals. Reverse osmosis principle is to apply greater pressure on one side of raw water to make water molecules reverse permeate from the high-concentration side to the low-concentration side. Since the pores of reverse osmosis are far smaller than hundreds or even thousands of times of those of viruses and bacteria, various viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solid soluble substances, polluted organic substances and the like cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane at all, thus achieving the purpose of purifying water quality.

When the same volume of a dilute solution (e.g. freshwater) and concentrated solution (e.g. brine) are placed on both sides of the semi-permeable membrane respectively, the solvent in the dilute solution will naturally pass through the semi-permeable membrane and spontaneously flow toward the side of the concentrated solution. This phenomenon is called permeation. When the permeation reaches equilibrium, the liquid level on the concentrated solution side will be higher than that of the dilute solution by a certain height, i.e. a pressure difference will be formed, which is the osmotic pressure. If a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied to one side of the concentrated solution, the flow direction of the solvent will be opposite to the original permeation direction, starting to flow from the concentrated solution to the dilute solution side. This process is called reverse osmosis. In short, it is to apply pressure to the concentrated solution by electrifying, change the original permeation direction, and realize the countercurrent of the concentrated solution, thus purifying the concentrated solution and producing pure water. Life needs healthy water. Reverse osmosis water purifier ensures our drinking water safety.

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