Three Filtration Levels of Water Dispenser With Filtration


The Water Dispenser With Filtration has the function of […]

The Water Dispenser With Filtration has the function of purifying tap water into direct drinking water, or at the same time has an appliance for heating, cooling and distributing the purified water through the method of consuming electric energy.

After the water is purified by a water dispenser with filtration, it reaches the standard of direct drinking water. The water dispenser with filtration adopts reverse osmosis membrane filtration treatment, and the purified water after treatment is fresher, safer and more sanitary than bottled water, which is also one of the benefits of the water dispenser with filtration. The water dispenser with filtration has a strong water supply capacity. If you want to drink hot boiled water and warm boiled water, you can drink them at any time as long as the temperature is enough, which is simple and convenient. When the water dispenser with filtration encounters dangerous situations such as electric leakage, it will automatically cut off the power, making it safer to use.

At present, the technology of water dispenser with filtration on the market is mainly divided into three levels: microfiltration (filtration accuracy of about 0.3 microns), ultrafiltration (filtration accuracy of about 0.01 microns), reverse osmosis (filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns), and the water quality filtered by different filter element densities is also different. Generally speaking, water dispenser with filtration adopt reverse osmosis systems.

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