What Does The Service Life of Water Purifier Spare Parts Depend On


Different filter materials of Water Purifier Spare Part […]

Different filter materials of Water Purifier Spare Parts need to be replaced or washed regularly. Replacement type water purifiers have different filter material replacement periods, depending on the water quality of the local source water and domestic water consumption. Normally, the gradual filter element will reduce the water flow until it is blocked as the used pore diameter becomes smaller. The life of PP cotton filter element is generally 12 months, the life of activated carbon filter element is generally 12 months, the life of ultrafiltration is generally 24 months, and the life of reverse osmosis is generally 36 months. If it is not replaced after expiration, bacteria may grow in itself.

Water purifier spare parts should be replaced in time to ensure water quality. The gradual replacement of filter materials can not only prolong the service life of the water purifier but also ensure the purity and consistency of the water quality.

There is also a certain period when the filter material is washed. There are two washing methods: external washing and internal washing. The external washing is clear and intuitive. The brushing method has played a role to some extent, but it is inevitable to cause secondary pollution. The water quality purification effect should be discounted to a certain extent. At the same time, it has damaged the connection and sealing of products. In internal flushing, impurities adsorbed on the surface of the filter element are usually flushed out of the water pipe through normal water pressure. As rust and other attachments are difficult to be washed away under normal water pressure and are invisible, the flushing effect cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, it is most in line with the national conditions and the most economical way to replace the water purifier spare parts.

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