What Are The Core Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer


With the deterioration of the global water environment […]

With the deterioration of the global water environment and the enhancement of people's health awareness, water management is imminent. However, residents' drinking water sources are seriously polluted. In order to meet the daily water demand of many people, waterworks have adopted disinfectants on a large scale. Disinfection by-products generated from bleaching powder and chlorine have become new harmful substances. Therefore, green and healthy household terminal water purifier products have received widespread attention, especially reverse osmosis water purifier. What are the core advantages of Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer?

Reverse Osmosis, as a pure physical purification principle, has rapidly dominated the water purifier market in the past two years. According to AVC monitoring data, from January to July 2017, online reverse osmosis (RO) technology accounted for 70.8%, compared with 58.6% in the same period of 16 years. Under-line reverse osmosis (RO) technology accounted for 89.2% from January to July 2017 and 88.7% in the same period in 2016.

What are the core advantages of this technology? Why can become a household name? Here we start with seagull drinking water. Early American scientists found that seagulls take a big sip of seawater every time they fly across the sea and spit out a small sip of seawater every few seconds. However, animals breathing with lungs on land cannot drink seawater with high salinity like seagulls. Later studies showed that there was a very precise membrane on the craw of seagulls, which could filter seawater into drinkable fresh water, while seawater containing impurities and highly concentrated salt was discharged out of the mouth, which was the embryonic form of reverse osmosis principle. Nowadays, people have successfully applied this technology to the water purification industry, and through technological innovation and reform, they have made great achievements in the field of water health.

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