Effect of Tap Filter & Shower Filter on Water Quality Improvement


Usually, the tap water we drink has been disinfected by […]

Usually, the tap water we drink has been disinfected by chlorine. Although it can kill viruses and bacteria, it is difficult to remove scale, heavy metals and other substances, and some bodies of viruses and bacteria may still exist. If Tap Filter & Shower Filter are used, almost all impurities such as silt, colloid, rust, algae and heavy metal ions can be filtered out. These substances can be removed through layer-by-layer filtration, thus further ensuring the health of people's drinking water.

Daily activities in the toilet, wash your face, brush your teeth, shower, infant water for water quality requirements are very high, safe and healthy water is the key, so the toilet is a good place for our tap filter & shower filter.

The tap filter & shower filter are convenient to use and can flow out purified water without waiting for a long time, thus not wasting water sources, purifying water quality and retaining mineral trace elements beneficial to the human body, thus playing a great role in family kitchen life.

The tap filter & shower filter have certain effects on domestic water, but this effect has great limitations. They are generally used for simple primary filtration of tap water and are suitable for families with small water treatment volume and low water quality requirements.

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