The Quality of The Water Filter Depends on Water Filter Spare Parts


The current water filter market is full of beautiful an […]

The current water filter market is full of beautiful and uneven quality. Homogeneity is especially serious. What is its "core" under the same appearance? What kind of water filter can be called a good one?

First of all, we need to look at the batches of water-related products. The provincial health department will issue the "wading permit approval" and inspection report for wading approval. For some water filters using a 220V power supply, 3C compulsory certification of household electrical appliance specifications is also required.

Second, it depends on the product's water filter spare parts. The water filter filters tap water and completely relies on the filter element to filter on the water machine. The quality of Water Filter Spare Parts determines the quality of filtered water. However, it is not to say that the more accessories a water filter have, the better, there will be a certain number of requirements, exceeding this number or wasting raw materials. If you do not reach this number, then you cannot achieve the filtering effect. Among them, cotton, carbon, and membrane are the main filter materials for water filters. Cotton is relatively cheap, but it is mainly used to filter sediment and rust, so there is no big difference. But there is a big difference between carbon and membrane. Carbon, some of which is used as inferior recycled carbon or cinder carbon. The membrane can also be RO membrane or ultrafiltration membrane with different pore diameters. Therefore, the quality of the water filter spare parts determines the success or failure of the water filter.

Finally, the water purifier still needs to check the service. Water filters pay more attention to after-sales service than other household appliances. Household water filters, it is said that the filter element plays a decisive role in the filtering effect. At the same time, the filter element is basically replaced every other time. Therefore, without perfect after-sales service, the water filter you purchased cannot be guaranteed.

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