Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer Teaches You to Install Ro Membrane


The reverse osmosis water purifier has become the mains […]

The reverse osmosis water purifier has become the mainstream water purifier product in our country's market. However, for consumers who use reverse osmosis water purifier, one big doubt is how to install a reverse osmosis membrane. This is not only a problem that consumers will encounter when purchasing a new reverse osmosis water purifier, but also a problem that consumers will encounter when cleaning and replacing it on a daily basis. Next, the Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer will teach you how to install the reverse osmosis membrane.

Step 1: Remove the old reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis water purifier is installed with multi-stage filter elements, the first three-stage filter elements are outside, and the reverse osmosis membrane is installed inside the machine. Therefore, to replace the reverse osmosis membrane, it is necessary to disassemble the shell of the water purifier.

Step 2: Open the new membrane. Unpack the new film package. If there is any protective liquid, clean it and prepare for installation. If it is a newly purchased reverse osmosis water purifier, proceed directly to the second step. Here, the consumer is reminded that the newly bought water purifier depends on whether the parts of the tools are complete. After use, the tool should be carefully saved.

Step 3: Replace the filter element. Unscrew the cap of the filter bottle, take out the old membrane filter element from the filter bottle, and then put the new membrane in. Note that the end with sealing ring is placed on the water outlet side, otherwise it is equivalent to replacing the new membrane.

Step 4: Connect the water pipe. After confirming that the new reverse osmosis membrane is installed correctly, connect the water pipes of the reverse osmosis water purifier, and turn on the water making switch to see if the water purifier can make water normally, whether there is any water leakage, and how much water is discharged. If there are problems, check and repeat the third step.

Step 5: Install the water purifier and drain the water. After confirming that there is no problem with the reverse osmosis membrane, restore the reverse osmosis water purifier. At the same time, open the outlet and drain the water for 15 minutes to the left, then the water purifier can be used normally.

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