The Difference Between Water Dispenser With Filtration And Water Purifier


In the water purification industry, everyone is familia […]

In the water purification industry, everyone is familiar with drinking fountains, water purifiers and other categories, but lacks understanding of drinking fountains with filtration. In fact, the Water Dispenser With Filtration is a device that can treat tap water into direct drinking water, and can also heat or refrigerate water. What is the difference between a water dispenser with filtration and a water purifier?

Water dispenser with filtration and water purifier have different functions.:

1. Due to the high filtering precision, the water made from the water dispenser with filtration can be drunk raw. It is more sanitary and fresh than bottled water and has more extensive uses: it is more sanitary for cooking; The quality of ice making is higher and there is no peculiar smell. If used as water for steam iron, beauty instrument, humidifier and other small household appliances, white powder will not appear.

2. The main function of the water purifier is to remove floaters, heavy metal ions, bacteria and other impurities in the water. Due to the different filter elements installed, the filtering accuracy of the water purifier is also different. For example, the filtration accuracy of PP cotton is 5 microns and that of ultrafiltration membrane is 0.01 microns. However, the filtration accuracy of all these methods is lower than that of water dispenser with filtration.

The principle of water dispenser with filtration is different from that of water purifier:

1. The water dispenser with filtration uses reverse osmosis principle. In other words, the pressure on one side of the raw water is greater than that of natural infiltration, so that the water molecules reverse permeate from the high-concentration side to the low-concentration side. Impurities such as bacteria and heavy metal ions cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane at all because their pore diameters are much larger than those of the reverse osmosis membrane, thus achieving the purpose of purifying water quality.

2. Most water purifiers adopt the principle of gradual filtration. The precision of the filter element is from low to high, and the multi-stage filter element distributes and intercepts impurities in water, thus reducing the blockage of the filter element and prolonging the service life of the precision filter element.

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