How to Remove And Replace Ro Spare Parts


Ro Spare Parts are important water treatment components […]

Ro Spare Parts are important water treatment components that can be used in many water treatment equipment. They need to be replaced and maintained regularly according to the usage. Users need to master the correct disassembly method to avoid the bad operation and damage of products and equipment caused by the wrong operation.

How to disassemble and replace ro spare parts? Taking RO membrane products as an example, the general disassembly method is as follows:

1. Remove the filter bottle and housing first, and pay attention to the direction of rotation to avoid tightening.

2. Then take out the ro spare parts from the filter bottle. Note: Do not use hard metal rods when pushing out the ro spare parts products to avoid damaging the membrane elements.

What should be prepared before ro spare parts are installed?

1. Cleaning the pressure vessel: Some equipment has this component, so it is necessary to clean the pressure vessel before installing ro spare parts. It is usually recommended to use sponge balls to dip into a glycerin solution and wipe back and forth in the membrane shell with professional tools to ensure the cleanness and sanitation of the membrane shell.

2. Cleaning the system waterway: If the waterway system is brand-new, the system waterway needs to be washed and cleaned before installing ro spare parts to prevent debris, solvent, residual chlorine, and other impurities from contaminating the diaphragm.

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