Select The Water Filters Manufacturer That Is More Suitable For You


It is not expensive to buy water filter equipment produ […]

It is not expensive to buy water filter equipment products, it is more affordable. The type and performance quality of water filters shall be purchased according to the local water source. Under the same conditions, compare price levels, give priority to the purchase of products with higher cost performance, and choose the Water Filters Manufacturer that is more suitable for you.

(1) Confirm the model and purification capacity, and purchase cost-effective products as required

Water filters are divided into general water quality treatment and pure water treatment. For consumers, if the proportion is relatively small, the water hardness is not high. Only the taste of water needs to be purified and improved. General water quality should be treated. If the hardness of water is higher, it is more suitable.

If consumers have special needs, they should carefully understand and ask whether the water filter has purification ability and the influence of the substance to be removed.

(2) Confirm the health permit approval, certification or relevant test report

In China's household water filter industry, the health permit access system is adopted, and only the health permit issued by the health supervision department can be sold on the market. When buying water filters, consumers need to obtain the seller's production hygiene license. If necessary, please go to the local health supervision center and relevant websites to check its authenticity. However, the hygiene license only tests the hygiene safety and hygiene function of drinking water treatment equipment, and does not evaluate the structural safety and electrical safety. Therefore, when a user purchases a drinking water treatment device, he also needs to ask whether the device has undergone structural safety and electrical tests, and provide the seller with relevant certification certificates or test reports.

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