Check Whether The Water Purifier Spare Parts Meet The Standards


Since water purifier products are closely related to ou […]

Since water purifier products are closely related to our life and health, how to choose Water Purifier Spare Parts and what water purifier spare parts to install are mainly considered from the following aspects.

1. Detection of residual chlorine content

The filtration and sterilization of tap water in China is mainly bleaching powder. However, bleaching powder consists of a large amount of chlorine. At the same time, chlorine residue will remain during sterilization. Long-term consumption of water containing a large amount of residual chlorine will have a certain impact on the body's resistance and will endanger health in serious cases.

2. Check whether heavy metals exceed the standard

Water is the cleanest substance, but it is also the most vulnerable. In the process of water circulation, a small number of heavy metals will merge with it, which is not a serious problem. On the contrary, it will improve the metal content of the human body and promote the balance of body structure. But there is a certain amount when it exceeds the standard, it will produce the opposite effect.

3. Detection of mineral composition

Water quality in northern China is generally hard, with high organic matter content, which is easy to form scale and suspend solid particles, thus affecting the use. A certain amount of mineral testing agent is added into water. If the water sample is blue, it means that the mineral composition is suitable. If it is purple, it means that the water contains many minerals with high content.

4. Detect TDS value (total dissolved solids in water source)

TDS value is a reference value introduced by water quality experts according to the proportion of water-soluble solids. In recent years, in order to facilitate the masses to distinguish the quality of water sources, TDS pen, a tool for detecting TDS value, can be used in Mpa. Intuitively understand the total dissolved amount of water source. The less dissolved substances, the higher the purity of water, and the higher the safety factor used.

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