Reasons for Sudden Decrease in Water Production from Ro Spare Parts


What are the reasons for the sudden decrease in water p […]

What are the reasons for the sudden decrease in water produced by reverse osmosis equipment? Please see the specific contents below:

First, Ro Spare Parts are not cleaned for a long time.

Most of the cases are caused by this because if the filter element is not replaced for a long time, tap water will be blocked and the filter element will be blocked. After this happens, we should replace each filter element completely for the first time.

Second, when winter comes, the temperature of tap water drops

When winter comes, the temperature of the water drops, causing the viscosity and fluidity of the water to slow down, which will also cause the water produced by ultra-pure water equipment to decrease. Of course, this is a normal phenomenon. Any reverse osmosis equipment will produce less water in winter and normal water in summer.

Third, tap water pressure is abnormal.

(Hydrometer) Generally, the water pressure is normal at 0.3MPA, but when it exceeds 0.3, it will reduce the membrane water production. This is mainly because the membrane resistance increases due to too large water pressure, which affects the water production. However, within the range of 0.3MP, the higher the water pressure, the greater the water production capacity of ultra-pure water equipment. Therefore, the high and low water pressure may cause the volume of water produced by ultra-pure water equipment to decrease. In this case, we need to use a water pressure meter to test the water pressure. If the water pressure is too low, we need to install a booster pump. It is too high to install a relief valve.

Fourth, the booster pump or power adapter is abnormal

If reverse osmosis equipment is installed, it is also possible that the problem with the booster pump causes the water pressure to decrease. Therefore, the pure water mechanism water becomes smaller or does not produce water. If it is such a problem, we can only replace the booster pump. Generally, the decrease in water production in reverse osmosis equipment is caused by the above four reasons.

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