Which Conditions Will Damage Ro System Component


1. Improper torque If the torque load on the fastening […]

1. Improper torque

If the torque load on the fastening bolt of the Ro System Component is inappropriate, the fluid impact force at the bottom of the component will press the guide plate and the O-ring seal against the inlet flange, thus the O-ring seal on the guide plate will be separated from its original position, the feed will flow into the permeate channel, and the equipment will be shut down due to the high conductivity of the permeate.

2. Pressure on the permeate discharge pipe

When the equipment is shut down, there cannot be any pressure on the permeate side. If the pressure is generated, the ro system component will be separated or the membrane will be punctured by bumps on the distribution plate, resulting in a large amount of produced water and a decline in the quality of produced water.

3. Vacuum in feed pipe or concentrate pipe

Vacuum in the feed pipe or concentrate pipe of ro system component will cause similar damage to the pressure on the permeate and discharge pipes. Improper flushing before starting for the first time after maintenance. After maintenance, the equipment must be flushed before starting, mainly to remove air from the components. The flushing time depends on the number of components to ensure that there is no air in the components. Sometimes automatic flushing cannot be completed and the equipment must be operated manually.

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