Water Filters Manufacturer Teach You Simple Ways to Judge Quality


There are many brands and varieties of water filters. F […]

There are many brands and varieties of water filters. For the simple judgment of their quality, the Water Filters Manufacturer teaches you the following aspects:

1. Material: The water filter is in direct contact with water, so the shell material must be of food-grade to be of high quality. Generally, the shell is marked with its material.

2. Filter element: The quality of the filter element is basically a sign to identify the water filter. To know whether it is good or bad, one must have sufficient understanding of it, such as the filtering principle, sales history, use materials and other aspects of information for analysis.

3. Certificate: The manufacturer of the water filter must obtain the hygiene license from the superior health supervision department, which conforms to the national standard.

4. Installation: If the installation process of water filters purchased is complicated, professionals will be equipped to install them on site.

Then also need to pay attention to after buying a water filter:

1. Cleaning the filter element: Some filter elements can be reused thorough cleaning. When the filter element shows a signal requiring cleanings, such as slow water discharge and odour of filtered water, it should be cleaned in time.

2. Replacement of filter element: the filter element is a consumable and cannot be used permanently. It has its own life span. The specific life span is mostly affected by the usage frequency. When the filter element approaches its service life and the following water outlet is slow, the water outlet has a peculiar smell and the water outlet has different colours, it needs to be replaced.

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