Tips on How To Replace Your Water Filter Cartridges


Many homes have installed water filters to ensure they […]

Many homes have installed water filters to ensure they have clean drinking water and cooking water. Like all filtration systems, it requires occasional maintenance, and replacing the Water Filter Cartridges is a simple process.

You don't need a lot of tools. A water filter cartridges wrench is recommended for easy removal of the canister housing. If there is no water filter cartridges wrench, the housing can be removed by hand or other tool. It is also recommended to wipe any drip with a towel or other absorbent material.

Close any valves that allow water to flow before removing any parts. Start with the valve that supplies the cabinet. If you have a fuel tank, close the tank valve. Also close any piping or piping on the piping that connects the system. Next, drain the pipe to reduce the water pressure and drain as much water as possible. The easy way to do this is to open the faucet that connects the water system and let the water flow out. After the water stops flowing, turn off the faucet.

If there are multiple ink cartridges in the system, the first ink cartridge is a sediment filter. Rotate the cartridge housing to the left to release the housing. Carefully remove the casing as there will still be some water inside. Remove the sediment filter and pour out the remaining water. If there is still sediment at the bottom, flush the casing. If it still looks dirty, wash it and check the O-ring on the top of the case. If it is damaged, please replace it. If it looks dirty, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning. Place a new sediment filter into the housing. Screw the housing back onto the bracket. Tighten the case until it is tight, but not too tight to prevent excessive compression of the O-ring.

Open the valve and let the water begin to flow again. Start with the main water valve on the back of the cabinet. Then open the valve on the tank and any tubing on the filter system. Check for leaks. When the water filter cartridges is replaced, the hose may be bumped or pulled. Tighten any leaking loose hoses. Let the tank pressurize. Run in water for a few minutes to remove any air from the system and remove any particles that may have been loosened or dropped from the water filter cartridges. After that, check again for leaks.

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