Tips for Maintaining Water Filter Spare Parts for Your Home in Winter


Winter is here, in order to keep the water filter safe […]

Winter is here, in order to keep the water filter safe in the winter, don't forget to take antifreeze measures for your water filter spare in the cold winter to prevent the Water Filter Spare Parts from leaking and bursting.

Due to the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, when the temperature changes, the tube also changes, which easily causes the tube to burst. Temperatures from cold to warm or from warm to cold are prone to problems.

The correct method: If the tap water supply pipe freezes and ruptures, the inlet ball valve of the household water filter should be closed in time. After the water enters, the faucet in the home is opened and the large particles in the water supply pipe, such as sediment, are discharged. Then open the balloon valve and let the water filter work normally. This can effectively prevent the sediment and rust mixed in during the construction process from entering the water filter spare parts, resulting in a decrease in the flow rate of the produced water or clogging of the water filter spare parts.

This is directly related to temperature. Under normal conditions, the lower the temperature, the lower the water flow rate, mainly because the viscosity of the water is affected by the temperature, and the water production of the filter is reduced. Usually, the water output of the water filter spare parts is reduced by 3%, so the water production in winter is about 50% of the summer water consumption is normal, and there is no need to worry too much about machine damage.

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