The Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer Tells You What Is The Wastewater Discharged


As we all know, the reverse osmosis water purifier is c […]

As we all know, the reverse osmosis water purifier is currently the most accurate water purifier on the market. In order to better purify the water quality, the reverse osmosis water purifier will connect a waste water pipe when working, which is specially used to discharge wastewater. What is this wastewater? The following Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer will introduce it to you.

On the one hand, the generation of wastewater is determined by the working principle of reverse osmosis water purifier. The working process of the reverse osmosis membrane is actually a process of liquid concentration: when tap water is filtered through the reverse osmosis membrane, the salt content and osmotic pressure in the water continuously increase. when the osmotic pressure increases to the pressure of the booster pump, the water cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane.

The main components of wastewater are bacteria, viruses, organic matters, heavy metal ions and other harmful impurities intercepted by RO reverse osmosis membrane. This part of "concentrated water" with a high content of organic matters, metal ions, etc. will be discharged to form "waste water".

On the other hand, the water purifier will also produce waste water when automatically flushing the filter element. After RO reverse osmosis membrane works for a period of time, water molecules flow out from one side under the action of pressure to become pure direct drinking water, while the remaining "garbage" in the water is intercepted by RO membrane. When they accumulate to a certain extent, they will cause RO membrane blockage and affect the service life.

In order to avoid this situation, the water purifier will flush the RO membrane through automatic backwashing technology, and timely discharge the trapped substances in the membrane. This part of the water flushing the filter element will also be discharged with the waste water.

Therefore, the wastewater produced by the reverse osmosis water purifier is to ensure clean and safe water quality and to prolong the service life of the reverse osmosis filter element.

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