The Function of Pressure Barrel in Ro System Component


Reverse osmosis water purifier, commonly known as pure […]

Reverse osmosis water purifier, commonly known as pure water machine, as the most thorough and safest water purification product, is currently the most mainstream water purifier product. However, when many people buy a water purifier, they will have several questions about the Ro System Component: the pressure barrel of the reverse osmosis water purifier occupies a position and is not good-looking, so why use the pressure barrel? What is the function of the pressure barrel? Is there a reverse osmosis water purifier that does not use a pressure barrel?

The core filtration membrane of the reverse osmosis water purifier is a reverse osmosis membrane. The filtration accuracy of the reverse osmosis membrane is as high as 0.0001 microns, which can completely filter out bacteria, viruses, radioactive substances, heavy metals, organic compounds and other fine impurities in the water and only allows water molecules to pass through. Therefore, the filtration speed of reverse osmosis RO membrane is relatively slow, and the water output of reverse osmosis water purifier is relatively small, which cannot meet the needs of users to fetch water at any time. In order to meet users' demand for water at any time, pressure barrels are used. When the user does not take water, the reverse osmosis water purifier is still working, the filtered purified water is stored in the pressure barrel first, and when the user takes water, the filtered purified water is directly output from the pressure barrel, so that the user does not need to spend time waiting for water production.

The pressure barrel is internally provided with an inflatable air bag, and when water enters, the air bag is squeezed, so that the water enters the pressure barrel in the opposite direction; when the pressure is equal to the water entering pressure, the pressure barrel is filled with water, and the water entering is stopped, and then the reverse osmosis water purifier completes water making and stops. When users need water to turn on the faucet, the opposite side of the water yearns for outflow, generating outward pressure, and the water flows out. In this way, water enters and exits, forming a complete cycle.

The reverse osmosis water purifier needs a pressure barrel because the reverse osmosis membrane has high filtration precision and slow filtration speed. Therefore, the problem of the pressure barrel can be solved by solving the flux problem of the reverse osmosis membrane.

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