Tap Filter & Shower Filter Keep You Away From Chlorine


Are you still letting chlorine in your water hurt your […]

Are you still letting chlorine in your water hurt your body and skin? This may be unexpected: a study showed that the skin's ability to absorb chlorine is higher than the ability to drink chlorine. Now add a faucet filter and a shower filter to keep you away from chlorine.

Tap Filter & Shower Filter ensure your skin is clean and safe. You can install a filter for your faucet because you have to keep the drinking water clean. Obviously, the faucet filter makes you healthier. Surprisingly, however, the shower water contains the same contaminants as the faucet, which can also harm our body. The bad news is that chlorine is more harmful to our bodies than to drinking water.

If you don't add a filter to your shower, chlorine will enter your body in this way. The basis of this assertion is that when you shower with warm water, your body's chances of absorbing chlorine will increase and chlorine will eventually reach your blood. At the same time, our lungs are also easily infiltrated by chlorine in the air, so users are exposed to diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

The shower filter removes chlorine and bacteria from the water. The activated carbon in the filter element effectively removes harmful substances such as chlorine, pigments and odors from the water. Importantly, the filter element not only ensures that the shower water is clean and safe, but also converts the hard water into soft water. This will make your skin gentler.

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