Self-installation Method of Ro Spare Parts


RO membrane (i.e. reverse osmosis membrane) is the most […]

RO membrane (i.e. reverse osmosis membrane) is the most important Ro Spare Parts in the water purification machine. Ordinary tap water must be filtered by the RO membrane to become pure water. As we all know, the RO membrane is consumable, which needs to be replaced once a year or so. Many people will choose to find professional personnel to operate, but in fact, it is not necessary. The film change is actually very simple and we can finish it ourselves.

The first step is to buy an RO membrane. First of all, we need to know the model of the RO membrane in the home water purifier. Take it out of the membrane shell, and if you have the conditions, you can buy a membrane puller on the internet, rotate it gently and pull it out, and look at the model on the label.

If you know the model, you can buy one on Taobao. They are all common. Of course, it is better to buy directly from our equation.

The second step, where to install. The filter element sequence of the water purifier is PP+ granular activated carbon+compressed activated carbon +RO membrane+post activated carbon. Although most customers are aware of this, there are still a small number of customers who will consult in the background about the order of installing filter elements.

The third step is installation. RO membrane has a direction. if you change the membrane yourself, don't reverse the direction of the RO membrane. (1) the cover may leak if it is installed upside down; (2) TDS value of pure water increases instead of decreases; (3) the water yield is small. When installing, rotate the clothes like pulling them out, and never plug them.

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