Scientific Use of Water Filter Spare Parts Can Prolong The Service Life of The Water Purifier


After we bought the water purifier, we just hope that t […]

After we bought the water purifier, we just hope that the water purifier can ensure our water safety for a long time, instead of having bacteria after drinking it for three days like bottled water, which is troublesome and expensive to change the water. However, if you don't know the basic knowledge of Water Filter Spare Parts, you may shorten the service life of the water purifier.

1. Type of filter element

As we all know, a water purifier consists of different filter elements, and the service life of different filter elements is not necessarily the same. Such as barrel effect, how much water a barrel can hold depends not on the longest board but on the shortest board.

At present, there are many types of filter elements for domestic water purifiers, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane, etc. We should choose according to our own needs and local water quality when purchasing domestic water purifiers. However, the replacement cycle of filter elements of different types of water purifiers is different, generally between 6 months and 3 years.

2. Purified water quality

There is well-known information in the water purification industry: the replacement time of the filter element of the southern water purifier will be longer than that of the northern water purifier. This is because the water in the south is "soft", the water in the north is "hard", and the water quality is different from place to place. The water quality is different for the service life of the filter element of the water purifier. The water quality in some places is very good, so the replacement cycle of filter element will be relatively prolonged, whereas if the water quality in the place where you live is very poor, then perhaps you need to replace the filter element of water purifier more frequently to ensure the health of your drinking water.

3. Amount of purified water

You should know that the filtering capacity of any filter element is limited. No matter what kind of water purifier you are using, the amount of purified water is one of the most important indicators to determine the frequency of filter element replacement. When a filter element reaches the saturation point, it must be replaced. Otherwise, the water flow in the water purifier will become smaller, thinner, or even congested. What's more, the water flowing out of the water purifier will even suffer secondary pollution.

4, the quality of the core

Which water purifier has the best quality depends mainly on what kind of filter element is used inside the water purifier. For high-quality filter elements of water purifier, the replacement period is usually long.

It is difficult to judge whether a really good or bad water filter spare parts is a good water filter spare parts. It is not necessarily a water filter spare parts of a water purifier brand that frequents people's eyes. However, some unknown water filter spare parts are much better than those brands of water purifiers that have been advertised. A really good water filter spare parts can be judged only after countless consumers have tried it out and given back their satisfaction.

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