Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier Answers Common Mistakes for You


RO membrane has become one of water purifier accessorie […]

RO membrane has become one of water purifier accessories frequently used and replaced by many families, but many users have many questions and do not know how to deal with it when they first use RO membrane. Today, Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier will help everyone to answer one by one. What are the common misunderstandings in the use of RO membrane?

Can reverse osmosis membranes not be replaced for a long time? Because of misleading propaganda by some bad manufacturers, many consumers will want to buy RO membranes that can be replaced for a long time when they buy RO membranes. But in fact, this is actually just a publicity routine for merchants. At present, there is no RO membrane made of any material that can not be changed for a long time. Moreover, the RO membrane itself intercepts pollutants in water and will definitely accumulate impurities. If the RO membrane is not changed for a long time, the effluent quality will definitely deteriorate.

The greater the pressure, the better the filtration effect of the reverse osmosis membrane? RO membrane is a pressure-driven purification membrane. Therefore, when purchasing a reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, consumers will find water pump products in the fittings of the water purifier. This is because the water pump can provide the RO membrane with up-to-standard inlet pressure. In order to make the effluent quality of RO membrane better, some consumers will think of putting more pressure on it. But in fact, RO membrane products have a stable region. If the desalting rate and water yield reach the theoretical peak value, the filtering effect of the RO membrane will not be better no matter how the inlet pressure increases.

To sum up, when using a reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, consumers should not take it for granted but should learn more about the working principle of the reverse osmosis membrane, so as to find the correct way to use it and drink healthy and clean water. When you buy the RO membrane, you also need to compare goods with three.

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