Precautions for Selecting Tap Filter & Shower Filter


At present, the pressure of life is increasing. Apart f […]

At present, the pressure of life is increasing. Apart from the high material requirements, everyone is also paying special attention to the health of the body. Besides food health, the most important health of drinking water cannot be ignored. Therefore, water purification equipment has become a necessity for many families. Today, I'd like to introduce to you some points for attention in choosing the Tap Filter & Shower Filter.

1. Pay attention to the number of filtering stages

The higher the number of filter elements, the better the filtering effect. Some low-end water purification products have many filter elements. It looks as if they have been filtered layer by layer, but most of them use simple filter materials. In fact, the effect is not as good as a high-performance filter element. We can know the water source and water quality of our home in advance. According to the local water quality problems, choose the tap filter & shower filter that are suitable for you. If the filter elements of tap filter & shower filter are not suitable for you, it is useless to select more stages.

2. Plastic housing and stainless steel housing

Many friends think that stainless steel shell will definitely be superior to plastic. In fact, stainless steel has the problem of heavy metals, so good quality stainless steel shell water purifier must be equipped with KDF membrane, so the price will be increased. And plastic is less of these problems.

At present, many big brands are using ABS resin, which is the global development direction. The advantages of plastic have been tested by users all over the world and are fully used in water purifier products. Therefore, the ABS resin shell is more user-selective than stainless steel shell.

3. The problem of filtering accuracy

The filtering accuracy is also worth noting because the water quality in the south is different from that in the north, which is suitable for pure water filters to filter trace substances. The south is suitable for ultrafiltration filters, which can filter macromolecular substances in water. It can be said that according to the local water quality problems and its own functional requirements, choose the appropriate water purifier filtration accuracy. If the chosen precision is not suitable for oneself, no matter how high the precision is, it is useless.

4. Not necessarily foreign big names

There is no doubt that domestic brands are more influential than foreign brands, so many friends tend to choose foreign brands when choosing, but the water purifier has a very important point is the difference in water quality in the region.

5. Don't buy high-priced goods indiscriminately.

The tap filter & shower filter are not technically high, and the key to the price difference lies in the number of grades of filter materials. As mentioned above, the number of filter stages is not as high as possible. According to different water quality, some filtering materials are not used in one's own house, thus causing waste, while the corresponding filtering materials that are really needed may not be fully equipped, thus causing waste of funds. Therefore, it is still necessary to select the appropriate tap filter & shower filter according to the local water quality problem and its own functional requirements.

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