Introduction of Installation Steps of Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet


1. Installation of Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet require […]

1. Installation of Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet requires that installation tools be prepared in advance. Before installation, check whether maintenance parts are complete. Common spare parts include hoses, rubber gaskets, showers, decorative caps, etc.

2. Before installation, the water dispenser tap & faucet shall be cleaned and water dispenser tap & faucet is installed. The sediment impurities in the water pipe shall be cleaned to remove the impurities in the installation hole, and the accessories in the packaging box shall be checked not to be mixed with impurities, so as not to block or wear the ceramic valve core.

3. When that left hot wat and the right cold water are connected, remember that the left is hot water and the right is cold water, and the two pipes are 100mm-200mm apart. After the water inlet joint is fixed in position, remove the faucet, and then install the faucet after the wall plasterer is finished, so as to prevent the coating on the faucet surface from being worn and scratched.

4. When installing a single-hole basin faucet, a special angle valve must be selected, and the angle valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipes that discharge water from the wall. When it is found that there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe on the dragon head, buy a special extension pipe to connect.

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