Details of How to Clean Water Filter Spare Parts


The problem of drinking water has not been completely s […]

The problem of drinking water has not been completely solved after the water filter is installed in the home. During the use process, everyone should pay attention to regularly cleaning the household Water Filter Spare Parts. Next, we will learn more about the cleaning methods of household water filter spare parts.

Usually, after the water filter spare parts are installed, the installation personnel will flush the water filter spare parts and wash away the protective liquid in the water filter. The specific operation method is as follows: open the tap water faucet, tap water inlet ball valve and water purification faucet, and flush for 15 minutes until the produced water is clear and free of foam. Frequent switch of tap water faucet (3 seconds off and 10 seconds on) during flushing will make the water flow form pulsating impact, which will make the flushing effect better. After that, turn off the drain tap and turn on the tap. The water can be used normally after 5 minutes.

Regular flushing: during the daily use of tap water to collect water, the water filter spare parts are flushed. it is suggested to open the tap water for flushing after the purified water is collected, so as to wash away the trapped pollutants in time and maintain the higher water flux of the water filter, thus prolonging the service life.

Backflushing to restore water yield: If the water yield of the water filter after backflushing is still relatively small, the water filter spare parts can be considered for backflushing. Generally, there is a backwash button on the water filter, which can realize the backwash of water flow to flush out the blockage in the filter element.

If only the filter element is replaced, there is no guarantee that the inner wall of the shell and the water outlet pipe are free from secondary pollution. Different water purification products also have different filter element replacement cycles, while PPcotton and activated carbon with lower cost take three months. In addition to replacing the filter element, the water outlet pipe and other components should be cleaned and disinfected on time, otherwise, the pollution caused by the equipment is much greater than that of untreated water. Therefore, it is especially important to purchase qualified water filter spare parts.

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