An Important Component of Water Purifier Spare Parts


Among the Water Purifier Spare Parts, the filter elemen […]

Among the Water Purifier Spare Parts, the filter element acts on the water purifier as the human heart acts on the human. In short, the filter element is the heart of all water treatment equipment and plays a key role in water quality.

The water purified from the water purifier is very clean, but almost all pollutants remain on the filter element, so we need to change the filter element regularly to keep the water quality healthy.

1. Unable to purify water quality.

When the filter element reaches saturation, the water quality cannot be purified and chlorine, peculiar smell and heavy metals in the water cannot be removed, thus affecting the water quality.

2. Water purification effect is weakened.

When the filter element reaches saturation state, pollutants adhere to the surface of the filter element and block pores, resulting in small water yield, affecting the filtration of water quality and reducing the "purity" of purified water. Drinking such incompletely filtered water may absorb some harmful impurities into the body and bring filtering burden to the kidney. Once impurities cannot be effectively filtered, they will slowly and slowly accumulate in people's bodies.

3. Become a "sewage device".

The filter element has not been replaced when it expires, and the saturated filter element cannot inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, thus easily turning the water purifier into a "sewage device".

4. Overload work, step by step damage.

The water purifier filters step by step. The function of the upper filter element is weakened, bringing pressure to the lower filter element, causing the lower filter element to work overload, which will aggravate and shorten its service life. Under the same circumstances, it was originally expected to replace the filter element in two years, and it will be replaced in less than two years. By analogy, the life of all filter elements will be greatly shortened.

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